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“Together is Power 2021”

On September 8, 2021 Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Commerce, presided over and delivered a keynote address at “the Together is Power 2021” seminar on 4 Issues. The summary as follow;


Issue 1: The pandemic will be likely in Thailand and the world for a while. We need to think how can we successfully lead the economy through the COVID crisis together? He reaffirmed the important on collaboration between the Ministry of Commerce and the private sector. We must adhere to the principle of government supporting the private sector. Because the private sector is the vanguard in making revenue to the country.

Issue 2: The important role of the Nation’s salesperson which included our overseas Thai Trade Representatives, Local representatives from 77 provinces in Thailand and private sectors to connect the global market with the local economy. Enhance competitiveness of all groups especially farmers, producers, and local SMEs. This will in turn elevate Thai products to international markets.

Issue 3: The Thai private sector has to prepare, adapt to challenge of non-tariff measures in the future. As the import duties have substantially decreased over the years all over the world, the exporters face increasing use worldwide of non-tariff measures, which will have complicated SMEs to compliance.

Issue 4: The private sector should consider the benefits of FTA and multilateral trading agreements, especially RCEP, as well as its progress along with the movement of Thailand and dialogue partner’s economic policies.

Jurin 8 Sep

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