• Friday , 24 May 2024

New format for the Non-preferential Certificate of Origin (CO)

Notification of the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce of Thailand

Subject: New format for the Non – preferential Certificate of Origin (CO)

The Department of Foreign Trade (DFT), Ministry of Commerce, the issuing authority
of Non-preferential Certificate of Origin (CO) in Thailand, hereby notifies business operators and
importers of the new format of the Non – preferential CO issued from the Ministry of Commerce,
effective from 15 February 2024 as follows:

The CO form is printed on an A4 white paper with a metallic holographic Garuda
emblem on top of the page. There are 2 QR codes at the bottom of the page; one for authenticity
verification and another for timestamping (for domestic use).

The sample of the new CO form is available at: https://shorturl.at/ehnvD

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